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These are some things that make my life better. As a yogi, I think it is important to take classes to keep my mind, body and self happy. I also think there are some great resources of spiritual and business motivation, that I want to share. I hope you enjoy these resources as much as I do!

feed your soul

North End Yoga is a beautiful yoga studio in Boston's North End offering various classes in Yoga, Barre & Pilates. I love this studio and that it is located 5 minutes from my office. Some of my favorite classes are: Tuesday 5:45pm Yoga Ananda with Nicole Clark, Wednesday 7:00am Pilates with Antonio Aniello and Friday 12:0ppm Vinyasa All Levels with Tim Kelleher.

Become the happiest person you know

Gabby is a spiritual leader, author and self-proclaimed spirit junkie. I own several of her books, enjoy her weekly vidoes and Spirit Junkie Alarm Clock App with daily affirmations. If you are looking for personal growth, she is a great guide.

Create a life you love

Marie provides free tips to create a business & life you love. I am a big fan of her weekly Q & A's where she reads people's questions and through her video responds giving tips and advice.

Aim True

Kathryn is an internation yoga instructor. I have taken several workshops with her and love her message of Aim True and guiding her students to choose fear over love. Her classes are challenging and full of laughs. As well as teaching yoga, she is an author in various publications (MindBodyGreen, Yoga Journal, Huffington Post & Elephant Journal).


"Jess is an amazing yoga teacher. I love practicing Yin and Slow Flow with her - she has a relaxing voice and is able to make each pose accessible to every person. I always leave her class feeling ready to take on the world!" Mary


“I like Jess's vinyasa class, it's fast pace but she explains how to do everything so we can actually do it, and I'm not bored."


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