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"Must Do" at Wanderlust

As a lover of yoga, nature and exploration I feel so lucky to have been able to attend Wanderlust several times since it began 10 years ago. For those of you who do not know what Wanderlust is, it is a yoga and music festival. Over the years it has grown and is now offered all over the world. If you are considering attending or have attended several times before, I have created some tips to help you get the most of out of your experience. Maybe you have no interest in attending, but just want to know more about the experience, I hope this helps. Enjoy!

A brief overview on my experience first... This past year was the first time I explored Wanderlust at a different location - Squaw Valley in North Lake Tahoe, CA. Having gone to Stratton in Bondville, VT previously it was great to see something new but also the parallels. Similar to traveling to Bondville, VT from Boston, MA, the arrival from San Francisco, CA to Lake Tahoe, CA was a long ride through the woods, a great mental and physical transition from the secular to the sacred. The main walkway “the village” has a similar look and feel as well and the mountains, as always, make a beautiful backdrop! As a seasoned Wanderluster, with different venue experiences to share, I wanted to provide you with my tips on what you “must do” if you attend WANDERLUST! A lot of this could apply for a retreat or other festival.

1. Squirrel | Get ALL the samples

This is a great opportunity to try something new. A new product or food. There are always great snacks to grab between classes. Trying these items between classes is a great way to test out if new products and see if they are something you would want to try "on the go". Often there are also new yoga related products, mats you can test out during class, accessories to try out, etc. This year some of my favorites were the RX brand nut butters, the vanilla almond flavor was my favorite.

2. Be in nature Take time to be outside. Immerse yourself in nature. Take a chairlift or tram up to the peak, enjoy the views around as you go up. Explore at the top when you arrive. It’s also a great spot to capture some beautiful photos :). If you can fit it into your schedule, I highly recommend taking an 8am Music Meditation Hike with Garth Stevenson, I did it this year and it was a magical experience. His music is also really great for a yin practice at home.

3. Try something new. A new teacher or style of class

Take the opportunity to leave your comfort zone. Take a class with a teacher you have never heard of. Maybe register for the class before or as the festival goes on, see what kind of mood you are in and sign-up for a class based on that mood. This year I tried a Masculine Feminine Polarity class with Caley Alyssa. The class was awesome, her style was new to me and the class was a great mix of the 2 energies. I took another class of hers later that weekend that was also great and I will definitely be checking out her online classes.

4. Practice Self care

Being kind to yourself, practicing yoga and other forms of movement, diving into a weekend of wellness, all, can be greatly enhanced by some self care. I highly suggest taking one of the ball rolling classes during the weekend. Personally, I feel like a new person after them. If you don’t get a chance to make it to the ball rolling class, book a massage during your trip and/or when you get back.

5. Take something home

A great way to remember your new experience is to take some piece of it back home to remind you of your experience. Maybe a message on a shirt or notebook, a product you really loved or a piece of jewelry that spoke to you. When you use what you brought back with you it’s a great way to connect with your experience. If you saw something you loved but didn’t get a chance to take it home, you can check out the Wanderlust shop after your trip.

Have you ever been to Wanderlust or some other yoga festival? I would love to hear what your favorite parts were.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

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