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Friday favorite | Relaxing soak

During this time of the year I feel like our culture is full of excitement with a lot going on. Yet, in opposition, the energy of the season is asking us to slow down. I love spending time with family & friends. It’s great to chat up, enjoy good conversation & food. I also find that in order to not get sick and burnt out I must make time to also rest and be still.

To me, a balanced life is key and the way that looks can be different depending on the day or the moment brings. I make choices daily, weekly and monthly to support what I feel is a balanced life.

Recently I have been really into taking baths. I find on a Sunday night they can be a great way to wind down and reset for the week ahead. If I am having a busy week and one night after work I have some time to relax, a soak really help me to get that relaxation I am craving.

When I make the time, a 20-40 minute soak, seems to be create a big shift in how I feel. I think there are some simple key elements to enhance the experience.

Check out some of my favorite ways to create a relaxing bath experience below:

  • Epsom salt | this is known to help detoxify the body. Adding it to a bath seems to make it feel warmer too. (I’d recommend having a large glass of water before & after if you use this as the detoxification can make you feel a bit dehyrdated)

  • Essential oils | if your going purely for relaxation lavender is my favorite. It is also easy to find a relaxation blend of a mix of oils to enhance the experience.

  • Also, when I am feeling sick, I’ll add essential oils to help clear my sinuses, such as eucalyptus, peppermint or a respiratory blend.

  • Candle light | instead of using your typical bathroom lighting, light some candles to set a more relaxing mood and give ur eyes a break.

  • Music | instrumental music can be great for this time. Garth Stevenson is a great artist to try or sound scapes music such as waterfall, etc. (Spotify)

  • If my mind is still busy and music is too calm, I’ll listen to a podcast

  • Airplane mode | it’s important to really carve out this time. Just as if I was teaching or taking a yoga class, I will put my phone on airplane or do not disturb so I am not distracted.

I hope you enjoy your "me" time and have a relaxing experience. Do you have any favorite elements to enhancing your bath experience?

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