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Friday Favorite | Yoga Mat

I have been asked by many and wanted to share - what yoga mat I think is best! (if reading is not your thing and you just want to know what is best scroll to the bottom)

There can be lots of debate over which yoga mat is best. The right feel, the right thickness, the right amount of grip. It is like the Goldilocks's problem, not too slippery, not too sticky but just right!

Over the last decade I have used many mats. I started practicing yoga with the standard, buy at Marshalls/use-for-free-at-the-gym kind of mat. Then during my teacher training I got a slightly thicker version of a basic mat, which was nice for the stretching on the floor kind of yoga... but if I took a class where I was sweating my hands would start to slip. At yoga studios I saw people using a yogitoes towels, so I gave that a try. At the time I was taking vinyasa yoga & power yoga classes at gyms or studios.

Yogitoes Towel Pro +

• Helped me to not slip when I took a hot class or my hands just got sweaty in a regular class

• Sticky dots keep the towel in place on the mat

Yogitoes Towel Con -

• I would also need to carry a regular mat

• Sticky dots hurt my hand

• Sticky dots would leave little dot imprints on my hand

• Pricey for a towel

Then I got annoyed with the imprint the mat would leave, causing discomfort. A good friend of mine was working for Lululemon at the time, she raved about their "Reversible (Un) Mat". It was a very thin mat. One side was smooth and the other was rough ("better for grip"). So I tried the Lululemon Reversible (Un) Mat out, for a while, I was really into! If you live in, near Boston and used to go to Back Bay Yoga's Hip Hop Yoga, you indulged in the sweaty session, I was probably with you in the room using this mat and flipping it back and forth as needed throughout class. Starting class with it on the rough, more grippy side, then flipping it over to the smooth, more sticky side as the sweat started to pour!

Lululemon un-mat Pro +

• Comfortable under my hands

• My hands stayed in place & did not slip when I was sweating

• Light and easy to carry around

• Moderate price

Lululemon un-mat Con -

• Not enough cushion/support

• I would often need to carry a regular mat

• Flipping it over back and forth during class

Then... I was taking more sweaty classes and would feel like I needed to grab a blanket to pad my knees anytime we were kneeling or even in lunges. Maybe I was just getting old... :( or more aware of the needs of my body. So I upgraded, I tried out a thicker mat, It had almost all the perks of the Reversible Un-Mat, BUT, it was thicker! I felt I had solved the problem, I had found MY MAT, the one that was just right for me. Perfect for a gentle / restorative style class and great for a sweaty hot power style class!

So in my opinion Lululemon has solved the Goldilocks's problem. They have created the mat that is not too slippery, not too sticky but just right!

Lululemon un-mat Pro +

• Comfortable under my hands

• My hands stay in place & do not slip when I am sweating

• Supportive for kneeling or baring weight

• Moderate price

Lululemon un-mat Con -

• It is a bit heavy if you are carrying it around

Testing & approved! I have used The Reversible Mat for a variety of classes including hot yoga, vinyasa yoga, gentle/cooler styles such as restorative and yin yoga also other workout styles including Barre and Pilates. In these classes when I sweat, my grip on the mat improves. As I flow through a sun salvation I can roll over my toes without getting stuck. If the class involves kneeling, my knees feel padded and I am comfortable.

Priced at $68, it may be more expensive than a typical $20 mat you can grab at a Target, Marshalls, or a sporting goods store, but it is worth the money. It is also not $100 or more like some other yoga brands. I consider it moderately priced and worth the investment. This mat will last you for years to come (if some reason it does not lululemon is very responsive with product issues)! Added bonus, free shipping and free returns, so it is easy to try out the mat and see if you like it.

I would love to hear your feedback. Have you had the same experience? Have you explored using different types of mats? Do you bring your own mat to class or use what is provided? I hope you enjoy "The Reversible Mat" and using it for your movement of choice! Please report back :)

(p.s. none of this is sponsored)

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