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Friday Favorite: Pilates + Barre Instructor -Brittany Sousa

Check out the inspiring Brittany Sousa Pilates & Wellness!

She is one of the reasons I love Pilates & Barre. A few years ago, when registering for a yoga class North End Yoga, she suggested I try Pilates too. I had tried it years before but didn't love it... I thought it was kind of boring. Now it is one of my favorite ways to work out! I feel I have gotten much gained strength throughout my whole body and now enjoy planks much more!

Brittany teaches both Pilates and Barre, her classes are fun and challenging! Adding Pilates and Barre to my weekly routine has been a great compliment to my yoga practice, it has helped me improve my posture and made me stronger. You can find her at STARR YOGA.

In addition to teach awesome classes, she is a self proclaimed "health nerd". She even has a cookbook, Nutritimentation! I love following her on Instagram for all her great recipes and healthy eating inspiration.

I enjoy connecting with others about my passions, while also learning from others. I hope my sharing is enjoyable for YOU! Please let me know if you have any topics YOU want discussed or questions answered.

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