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A yogis view on a 24 day Advocare  challenge.


I ❤️ food + fitness.

I wrote my college essay on soybeans.

In college preferred yoga over a nap.


This summer I wasn't feeling my best + wanted to reset my habits 🍷🍫. I kept seeing posts from my my friend Natalie, about her experience with this challenge 🍉💪 (24 days no white bread, dairy, alcohol & sugar). I was drawn to her hard work ethic & passion! I didn't do much research. I chatted with her + just jumped in. I've never done a diet, regimented food or fitness plan but always enjoy trying new things. Something was drawing me in I thought "Yes, why not!"


During it I tried new recipes, ate a lot more meat, then cut back on meat (I 💚 veggies). I enjoyed planning + prepping my food! Cheated a bit at a wedding + other occasions 🙈


Nat provided a workout of the week & encouraged I add more strength training into my routine (something my sister has been saying forever!) I loved mapping out my different type of workouts + changing my habits to incorporate more time lifting weights💪. I registered for TeamTRAIN at Republic Fitness - small group training. There I gained knowledge + feedback on form. Giving me more balance than just yoga & pilates 🙆


I discovered I don't like taking pills. Hate swallowing them + taking multiples. Also not a huge fan of protein shakes but did love the fiber powder mixed with 🍌 & peanut butter.


Overall grateful for trying something new. Enjoyed adding in weight lifting + more small meals. Gained 1 lb of muscle 👍Reinforced my 💚 for food as nourishment + dislike for supplements & product. This journey taught me so much +I look forward to continuing to be the student as I try new experiences + learn more about food + wellness.

If you are interested in trying this Advocare challenge or other Advocare products, you can chat with Natalie at N.camerlengo@gmail /

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