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Friday Favorite | Early Morning Workout (+Tips)

I am definitely a morning person. My mind is more on in the morning, than the evening and getting up is usually easier than falling asleep.

To me, one of the best ways to start my day is with movement. Whether it is lying on the floor and slowly stretching or getting out of the house taking a high energy boxing class - I know my day is improved when it begins with exercise. Also, for those mornings where my mind is a bit groggy, after I get the blood flowing, my mind really gets going!

Even though I am a morning person, and I know in my mind, the rewards of working out, sometimes it is hard to get out of a comfy bed and get moving. Overtime I have found some great tools that really help me make my morning workout a success!

Here are some tips I have found that work best for me.

1 Invite a friend |

Ask a friend to join you - not only is it a nice way to spend time together, but you can help motivate each other to get out of bed :)

2 Commit |

Look at your schedule on Sunday for the week ahead and see what you have going on. If you have an after work event one day, maybe that morning you plan to workout. Find the time and workout that works best for you, if it is a public class, make sure to sign up in advance and if you are doing something at home, book it on your calendar to help keep yourself accountable.

3. Preparation |

The night before your workout is a key time for success. I prepare everything I can in advance! When I am making dinner the night before, I cook extra or pack my lunch and get everything set up to make my coffee or tea quickly. Next, I lay out my clothes for my workout (usually including a bright top or bottom - bright colors motivate me) and my clothes for work. Lastly, I pack up my clothes, accessories, my makeup, shower items, a water bottle, headphones, sneakers, wraps or anything else I need for the workout.

4. Shower |

It may seem contradictory to shower before working out, but I find that in the mornings I am extra sleepy, hoping in the shower for a quick body wash really gets the blood flowing. I find a colder shower helps too! In Light on Yoga, BKS Iyengar recommends bathing both before and after yoga: "Taking a bath or shower both before and after practicing asanas refreshes the body and mind." I do not always follow this practice, but do see the benefit when I do.

5. Lemon Oil |

This is a recent new favorite habit of mine. In the morning I will use a few drops of lemon essential oil - it uplifts my mood. I will smell the oil and then apply it to my wrist and neck. The smell helps me to wake up and feel "sunny!".

I hope these Top 5 Tips are helpful in morning workout success! What tips work best for you? What helps you make your morning work out happen?

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