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FAQ: What is Savasana?


What is Savasana?

You may have heard people talk about this pose before. Some people love it and others wonder why we spend time lying down at the end of class.

This pose is an important part of the yoga practice. It is a pose we work up to throughout class. As we stretch, twist and move we are preparing our bodies to spend time being still and comfortable as we mediate in this final shape.

This mediation is a time to focus on the present and to stay aware of the sensions in your body. It may consist of focusing on your breath as it moves in and out. You may be guided through this awareness as an instructor may bring your attention to parts of your body, helping you to relax them. During this time, thoughts may come to mind, as our mind is constantly working, yet the work of this pose is to just observe those thoughts and let them continue passing by.

As you awaken from this pose you may feel different than you did when you entered. Commonly after this pose you will hold your body tight, being grateful for the work you have done and the body you reside in, then you will come to seat and class will close with an "om" and/or "namaste".

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