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Favorite products

I have been asked what yoga mat do you recommend? What is your favorite yoga books? Where did you get your sparkly socks? As well as many other questions about wellness products. Over the years I have tried and tested many products. Below is a list of my favorites with links to where you can find them.

I also have a coupon code so you can try all Birch Boy Products at a discounted price!

discounted products
Maple Chaga Tea.jpeg
Fine Chaga Powder.jpeg

Birch Boys:

Use Code "JESSCHAGA" to get 10% off your entire order!

Check out all products here.

Benefits include:

  • Chaga has roughly 1,400 times more antioxidants than acai berry (The highest naturally occurring concentration of antioxidants)

  • Chaga is a great caffeine-free coffee replacement

  • Chaga contains polysaccharides, a long lasting, buzz-free source of energy

  • Chaga contains antioxidants which reduce Oxidative Stress

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