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Customize Your Practice

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Are you new to yoga? Are you interested in learning more about a specific part of the yoga practice? Would you like to integrate a variety of techniques into a more personalized style? Is an injury impeding your practice?

If so, a Private One-on-One Yoga Session would be perfect for you. Together, we will craft a personalized yoga practice to focus on your individual needs. 


Are you looking to get a group of people moving in a comfortable environment? Would you love to bring wellness into your work place? Are you celebrating a special event with a group of varying exercise abilities?


Try a Small Group Session.  Prior to the start, we can discuss your group's vision to ensure each sessions is the right fit for your group. 

Private Yoga Offerings

New to yoga
  • 1 - 5 sessions recommended

  • Begins with a break down the basic yoga components 

  • Assists you in understanding the varieties of yoga available to increase your comfort across yoga settings

  • Teaches you the most common poses and terminology 

Working with PAIN or injury 
  • Pre-consultation with 1-10 sessions typically recommended

  • Teaches poses that may alleviate pain in area of discomfort

  • Provides and teaches modifications you can use in a group class setting 

  • Assists in developing a personalized yoga practice to support your needs

arm balancing 
  • 1-3 sessions recommended

  • Allows you to engage in one specific pose or a group of poses 

  • Each additional session will build off the previous

  • Both individual and small group (3-5 people) options are available


Special events
  • 1 session including a pre-session consultation (via phone or email)

  • Perfect for bachelorettes, day of wedding preparation, birthday celebrations, and other special events

  • Offers a customized class to meet the group's abilities and vision 

  • Can incorporate a specific focus such as seasonal yoga, high energy, relaxation, and more

Corporate Yoga 
  • Weekly or monthly contracts 

  • Helps support wellness for individuals who have limited mobility throughout the day 

  • Can be tailored to  alleviate negative effects of a specific line of work

  • Group sizing can be tailored based on available space and participants 

  • Sessions will build upon each other allowing for growth within the practice

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