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Customize Your Practice

Are you looking to get a group of people moving in a comfortable environment? Would you love to bring wellness into your work place? Are you celebrating a special event with a group of people with varying exercise abilities? Try a Small Group Session.  Prior to the start, we can discuss your group's vision to ensure each sessions is the right fit for your group. 

Are you new to yoga, barre or pilates? Do you want to learn from the comfort of your own home? Are you interested in learning more about a specific part of a physical practice? Would you like to integrate a variety of techniques into a more personalized style? Is an injury impeding your practice? If so, a Private One-on-One Yoga Session would be perfect for you. Together, we will craft a personalized yoga practice to focus on your individual needs. 


Fitness Offerings

The options for focuses of a private one-on-one session or a group session are endless. Below are some examples of offerings I have previously provided. Please reach out with any questions or goals.

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Corporate Classes 
  • Weekly or monthly contracts 

  • Helps support wellness for all staff 

  • Can be tailored to a specific line of work

  • Group sizing can be tailored based on available space and total number of participants 

  • Sessions can build upon each other 

  • Benefits can include: increased productivity, improved concentration and decreased stress 

New to yoga
  • 1 - 5 sessions recommended

  • Begins with a break down of the basic yoga components 

  • Assists student in understanding the varieties of yoga styles available 

  • Includes basic yoga terminology 

  • Discuss modifications and variations that could be used in any yoga class

Special events
  • 1 session including a pre-session consultation (via phone or email)

  • Perfect for bachelorettes, day of wedding preparation, birthday celebrations, and other special events

  • Offers a customized class to meet the group's abilities and vision for the class/event

  • Can incorporate a specific focus such as seasonal yoga, high energy, relaxation, and more

Yoga arm balancing 
  • 1-3 sessions recommended

  • Allows you to engage in one specific pose or a group of poses 

  • Sessions can be structured to build upon each other and increasing in difficulty

  • Both individual and small group (3-5 people) options are available

Gift cards are available if you want to give the gift of yoga. Contact me for pricing.

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