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Conventional wines can have up to 250 additives and chemicals and that the FDA does not require

be disclosed on the label. By contrast, clean-crafted means wine that contains nothing but grapes and low levels of naturally occurring sulfites.


Our wines have:

  • ZERO added sugar

  • ZERO chemicals or additives

  • ZERO pesticide residues (including RoundUp)

  • Low levels of sulfites (all our wines have 100 parts per million or less, and usually less than 50 - compare that to conventional wines with about 350 ppm)

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In addition, our wines are:

  • Sustainable, organic and/or bio-dynamic farming method

  • Harvested from old growth vines

  • Tended by actual people and not mass produced by industrial agricultural methods

  • Slow crafted to extract naturally occurring antioxidants

  • Lab tested

Do you like 



Me too!

I recently discovered Clean-Crafted wine. Besides loving the idea of getting to be the "wine & wellness" friend, I find Scout & Cellar's brand perfectly compliments everything I stand for (sustainable, clean, supporting small wineries)!

I was the girl that only spent 8-12 on wine... Why spend more?

Most bottles are $20-45 range with many great options in $20-25 range

That seemed crazy to me! But, now I realize that it is worth spending more, to make sure I’m not putting unnecessary chemicals, and sulfates into my system! The high standard, quality of the wine, Sarah chosen, and lab testing are worth it. 

Club - Scout Circle


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  • Wine without thinking about it

  • Drinks delivered to your door / Free shipping 

  • Average price ~$22 a bottle so much cheaper than drinking out 

  • Nordstrom style satisfaction - unhappy - return for credit 

  • Allows you access to exclusive bottles & incentives 

  • Easy gifts to have on hand & great for gifts

  • Cancel anytime

Options: 4 mix, 6 mix, 6 red, 6 white, 12 mix, 12 red, 12 white

Frequency: quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly 

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Wine tasting

with me


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Core Values: Family. Passion. Transparency. Authenticity. Doing the Right Thing

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