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Photo Credit: Alexandra Dusterfeld

Movement brings me JOY and I want bring joy to YOU! 

Through the various modalities I practice and teach I think we can find what our body and mind are seeking. Each day brings us different challenges and opportunities. Sometimes we want to sweat it out, other days you may want to roll around on the floor. I love the strength I feel from core stability and often weave that into practice.

Hi, I'm




​Yoga was my first fitness love! This amazing practice taught me how to get out of my head, feel my body and it opened my eyes to the practice of mindfulness. My earliest memory of yoga was as a little girl with my mom.  We were in a friend’s basement and the memory of doing triangle pose against the wall has stuck with me after all this time.  As a teenager, I was not a fan of team sports but enjoyed exercising and taking classes at the gym and that’s when I first started taking yoga classes.  

It was not until college, with the stress of being a student and working long hours in the design studio, that I discovered how yoga was more than just a workout.  Taking yoga classes, even if it was just an hour, made me feel emotionally and physically stronger. It helped clear my mind so I could focus on my studies and allowed me to commit time to my design degree.  Upon graduating college, I knew this was something I wanted to learn more about and eventually share with others.


I have been practicing yoga for over 18 years and teaching for the last decade. In this time, I have practiced various styles including Gentle, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, Hip Hop, Blacklight, Forrest, Iyengar, Power, and Baptiste. With so many yoga styles, I believe we can all find at least one fit for our specific needs.

Since becoming an instructor, my passion for movement has continued to grow. I love taking various types of fitness classes, participating in workshops, and strengthening my own practice to better share with others. My path of learning has led me to training's in Barre and most recently Pilates.


Photo Credit:  Marko Blazevic from Pexels

To me taking fitness classes, workshops and training is the best part  of my job. I  get to learn more about what I love. I am also gaining amazing knowledge to share and utilize in my classes. 




300-Hour Professional Yoga Training 2019

Down Under School of Yoga with Barbara Benagh, Nicole Clark, Claire Este McDonald, Larisa Forman, Kate O'Donnell, Masaaki Okamura, Natasha Rizopoulos, Kate Robinson, Justine Wiltshire Cohen

Equinox Pilates Mat Certificate 2018 

Equinox with Lauren Vasquez

Starr Barre Training 2015

Starr Yoga with Julie Starr 

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification 2010

Finding Inner Peace at Charlestown Yoga with Judy Foster, Sue Lynch, & Arthur Kilmurray


Additional Studies

Spirit Junkie Masterclass 2017 

Gabrielle Bernstein

The Eight-Limbed Path: an in-depth study 2016

South Boston Yoga with Tim Kelleher

Yin Yoga Training 2014

Sanctuary Studios with Chip Hartranft

Assisting Program 2013

Down Under Yoga with Angelina Hawley Dolan & Lisa Miller

Mentorship Program 2012

Back Bay Yoga with Ame Wren   

Hip Hop Yoga Training 2011

Back Bay Yoga with Lynne Begier 

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